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Here at Luxury Gift Hampers, our passion is creating lasting and memorable experiences. Growing up I would watch my Mum spoil her family and friends with gifts for special occasions. She would put so much effort into making sure everyone else was happy… that’s what brought her happiness. We make sure each customer is 100% satisfied with their hamper, because it brings us happiness to know we have made a positive impact.

1. Quality

Our products must be up to our standards! From the moment we process your orders, a lot of time and effort goes into your hampers to make sure your gift is exceptional.

2. Lasting Memories

We pride ourselves in making sure your hamper is a lasting memory for your recipient. One hamper can bring an experience that can be held onto for a lifetime!

3. Supporting Locals

We have a variety of products that are sourced from local businesses throughout Greater Sydney. We love the fact that our customers can enjoy Australian made products and also helping support small businesses.

4. Customer Service

Last but not least, we strive to make sure that our customers are satisfied throughout the whole process. We respond as quickly as possible, we ask questions to understand what our customers are wanting and we go that extra mile to make sure you are kept up to date with your order.

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